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Rhesus's farewell gig turned out to be a bit of a belter, surprisingly. They are lovely lads but musically I normally find them a bit blustery. On this occasion, however, they seemed almost poignant: "It's just a performance, I don't have the answer, I don't have the strength to make things right." Sigh. I somehow managed to spend £31 on booze, which was probably too much considering I had to go to work at 7am on Saturday morning.

I was appalled to see the Graudnai seems to be doing some kind of impersonation of Heat magazine, with rubber-faced funnyman Pete Doherty on the cover, which obviously did nothing to ease my hangover. Here we are on the brink of a third world war and they dedicate the whole of page 3 to his "exclusive prison diary". If I want to see a tit on page 3, I'll buy the Sun, thank you very much. It reads like that "Secret Diary of a Manics Fan" from the halcyon days of the Melody Maker, especially the Vogon-class poetry which rhymed "night" with "shite". I'm assured by people whose opinions I respect that he once wrote a couple of good songs but now the miserable wretch is reduced to feeble punnery along the lines of "Munt, 'ave a rest." I know we all like to sprinkle a few class A's on our cornflakes now and again, but to make a career out of it is rather sad. And as for all that, "oh poor me, it's not fair, I haven't done anything wrong," ... driving a car on a cocktail of crack and smack really isn't very clever. He's turning into one of these people like Victoria Beckham where people can't remember quite what they're famous for. I look forward to reading Posh Spice's pensions advice in a future issue of The Guardian. Or perhaps Franz Ferdinand on international cuisine. Oh, hang on ...

On Saturday evening I sensibly stayed in while Bananna talked with her chums about cock sizes and me being bummed by cuddly Rob. I'm not available!

And today I popped into Keith Mahoney's studio on Brick Lane. He is the man who produced Formed A Band and much of Art Brut's other early output. I was there to pick up the exclusive version of Art Brut's Top of the Pops with The Boyfriends shouting all the way through. It sounds even worse than I remember - Fantastic!


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Feb. 12th, 2006 07:00 pm (UTC)
[Insert 'Kids From Fame' Lyric Here]
I agree with you about Pete Doherty and The Grauni. I think he's probably very witty, charming and intelligent when he's not "on something" but he's been "on something" pretty much non-stop since 1856. Apparently Pete is currently residing in the £2,000 a night Metropolitan Hotel. It seems ridiculous that it is his media "work" that is funding his housing, rather than record sales. It was a bit cringeworthy when The Obs featured Kurt Cobain's journals, but at least Nirvana had a back catalogue to justify the hype.

I can't believe that Bananna would ever discuss cock size with anyone but her gynaecologist. She must have been ver ver drunk.

Is the The Boyfriends "Top of The Pops" going to appear on MySpace, or is it too "fantastic" for that?
Feb. 12th, 2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
My prim and properness is only a veneer, you know. I'm actually very rude.
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Feb. 13th, 2006 01:20 am (UTC)
Performance will appear on this compilation I'm putting together, it is apt, yeah.
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